Electrical Service Replacement In Burlington, NJ

Electrical Service Replacement In Burlington, NJ

Sanders Home Services recently did a full electrical service replacement in Burlington, NJ, for a client who had contacted us because of lights blinking inside her home. Our electrician discovered a corroded breaker to be the cause of the blinking lights. He also noticed that the electrical panel was extremely corroded at the main breaker, as well as other branch circuit breakers. The service cables outside were deteriorating also. He recommended that the entire electrical service be replaced and provided an estimate to the customer. We received approval from the customer to proceed and returned a few days later to complete the work.

Our electricians removed and disposed of the old electrical service and replaced it with brand new riser cables, meter cabinet and a 200-amp main breaker 40-circuit electrical panel with all new branch circuit breakers inside, and then properly grounded the new electrical service. The customer was thrilled with her new electrical service and the quality work performed by our skilled electricians. Now she can rest easy knowing her electrical service is safe and no more mysterious blinking lights will appear. She was so impressed, she called us the following month to run the electrical wiring to her new hot tub!

Customer review:

“This business is awesome. Brian the electrician installed a hot water heater, then replaced my electric panel and installed a hot tub. He knows his job. Incredible professionalism and knowledge. They always come on time and do not have to wait long for an appointment.”

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