Furnace & Air Conditioner Replacement In Voorhees, NJ

Furnace & Air Conditioner Replacement In Voorhees, NJ

Sanders Home Services did a Furnace & Air Conditioner Replacement In Voorhees, NJ, because the customers heater had stopped working. We sent one of our HVAC Service technicians to the home. The 25 year old furnace needed numerous repairs. Our technician provided estimates to the customer for the repairs, but recommended replacing the unit due to its age and the cost of the repairs. The customer decided to schedule one of our HVAC Comfort Consultants to come out for an estimate for full replacement.

Our team ended up installing a complete new Daikin HVAC system for the customer, this installation included a high-efficiency furnace, Fit A/C condenser, coil, Daikin One smart thermostat, AprilAire humidifier and new 40-gallon power vent water heater. The customer was able to take advantage of 0% financing and over $1,000 in utility rebates. They can rest easy knowing their new Daikin equipment is backed by a 12-year parts and 1-year labor warranty. As an added bonus, they’ll be saving money on their utility bills every month as a result of the new high-efficiency equipment!

Customer review:

“So my 25-year old gas furnace decided to fail abruptly, and through word of mouth I called Sanders Home Services in the late evening (about 10 mins before they close at 7pm), they were able to find a time the next day for me thankfully. When they came by, they ran their diagnostics and then carefully explained the potential causes of the furnace failure, and provided different scenarios and quotes. Because they were able to explain all this very clearly, I told them that given their estimates, I may look into getting a new system. Rich from Sanders came by to explain different options that were best suited to my house. He likes HVAC solutions that provide the best value for his customer, it’s really refreshing change from some of the other pushy companies out there! I got a Daikin inverter AC and high efficiency two-stage gas furnace, and also I got a water heater installed (it was working but nearly as old as the furnace). They handled the SJS utility rebates too so it worked out well. (But I went with a 0% APR through Daikin since I needed a faster install speed rather than waiting on SJS.) They got me electric space heaters the next day even before we went over loan details. After the loan went through, they then ordered the parts, which took a day or two.

On install day, I was present for an hour or two before I left for work, so I observed them doing their thing. The main technician, Josue, did a great job with the install with 5 other techs. They also had a dedicated ductwork person cutting out custom ductwork just for this install. They also asked me for my input for things such as exhaust and intake placement (which I appreciated!) They were also very neat. After I got home, the furnace was working and I was impressed by how quiet it was !(it’s almost unreal! For a two-stage furnace, it must have several blower motor settings.) Overall, top notch quality at a very good price. They came back the second day to work on the AprilAire humidifier and to correct a stove vent that I installed myself earlier this year). Rich did tell me before the install that the thermostat would be proprietary, but Daikin has its own phone app for controlling the thermostat, I haven’t tried the app, but the thermostat itself works very well, and has a modern look. With furnace installed, the next step in Rich’s quest for value is attic insulation: He’s going to guide me on attic insulation for free, so I can save on labor (yeah where do you find somebody awesome like that!?) I will probably post more pictures of the insulated attic soon. Will have more on how the AC runs in the spring too. I’ll post an updated review then.”

Photos of Furnace & Air Conditioner Replacement In Voorhees, NJ

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